May 14, 2017    -    May 20, 2017 (Week 20)
Public Access


Sun, May 14

Mon, May 15

Tue, May 16

Wed, May 17

Thu, May 18

Fri, May 19

Sat, May 20

7:00am         7:30am» Redevelopment Agency Meeting
7:30am» BLOOD MOBILE Manchester

11:00am» Donation Drop Off for Land Trust Tag Sale

1:30pm» Free Music Performance at MCC
9:00am     9:00am» Mobile Food Share
    9:00am» BLOOD MOBILE East Hartford
9:00am» Shred Fest
9:30am» 7th Annual Walk A Mile - Feed The World Walk-A-Thon
9:30am» PLANT SALE

10:30am» Children's Library Event

11:00am» Donation Drop Off for Land Trust Tag Sale
12:00pm   12:00pm» Coloring Program For Adults!
  12:00pm» 2017 GMCC Ambassador Club Golf Tournament
4:00pm 4:00pm» The Sebastians in Concert
6:00pm       6:00pm» Advisory Board of Health Meeting
6:00pm» Board of Education Budget Workshop
6:30pm» Green Manor Block Watches
6:00pm» Advisory Recreation & Park Commission Meetings
7:00pm   7:00pm» Book Discussion for Adults
7:00pm» Eighth District Regular Board Meetings and Annual Meeting
7:00pm» Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting
7:00pm» Conservation Commission Meeting
7:30pm» Poetry Book Launching
7:00pm»  Manchester Housing and Fair Rent Commission Meeting
7:00pm» Compassionate Friends Meeting
7:00pm» Manchester Land Conservation Trust Meeting
7:00pm» NAMI Friends & Family Support