April 8, 2018    -    April 14, 2018 (Week 15)
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Sun, Apr 8

Mon, Apr 9

Tue, Apr 10

Wed, Apr 11

Thu, Apr 12

Fri, Apr 13

Sat, Apr 14

    * Registration for Spring 2018 Storytime Session
* Free Golf Days at Manchester Country Club
8:00am         8:00am» Economic Development Commission Meeting
10:00am   10:30am» Picture BINGO for Children
      10:00am» Manchester Art Association Workshop
1:00pm 1:00pm» Cheney Homestead Open House Sundays
1:00pm» Historical Society Lecture
    1:00pm» Mobile Food Share
1:30pm» BLOOD MOBILE Manchester

5:30pm» Arts Commission Meetings for 2018

6:00pm» Children's Library Event
  1:00pm» Wit and Wisdom Poets Club
2:00pm   2:30pm» Children's Library Event
2:00pm» Children's Library Event
2:30pm» Children's Library Event
4:00pm   4:00pm» Children's Library Event
6:00pm     6:30pm» Children's Library Event
6:30pm» VFW Monthly Meeting
6:00pm» Cheney Hall Foundation Meeting
6:00pm» Organic Gardening 101
6:30pm» Town Wide Block Watch
6:00pm» Community Art Show
7:00pm   7:00pm» Association of Puerto Ricans and Latinos
7:00pm» Board of Directors - Budget Adoption
7:00pm» Board of Directors Meeting