Friday, January 11, 2019
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6:00pm [6:30pm] Family Fun Nights - FITE Fit
Fun. Inspired. Training. Experience. Come to FITE Fit's Anti-Bully seminar and experience proven methods to protect your family from bullying. You and your family will leave with confidence and self-awareness to prevent bullying and protect yourselves from this increasing threat. This is a fun way to learn self-defense and gain valuable knowledge from our team of experts. Take care of yourself and your family at the FITE Fit Family Fun Night! Meets: 01/11/19, 6:30-8:00 PM

[7:00pm] Ham Radio Operator Certification Class
Learn to become a Ham radio operator at no cost to you! The Manchester BEARS in conjunction with Manchester Emergency Management Agency is sponsoring a certification class for the basic ham license (technician level). The cost of the class is free. There is no age limit, but youths must take and pass the same test as the adults. Once certified what can you do? You can literally talk to the world for free! Alternatively, you can join the Manchester Emergency Communications team (known as EMCOMM). Where you can assist with ham radio communications during a large scale emergency (like a blizzard). The Emcomm team practices their radio skills every Tuesday and Thursday evening NETs (participation on these local check-ins is encouraged it is not mandatory). If this is something that interests you and you have additional questions, please see the contact information below. The classes begin Friday January 11, 20019 and continue every Friday for 5 weeks, with the review and exam on February 8, 2019. The classes are free, but the FCC has a $15.00 test and license fee due on exam night. The classes start at 7:00 PM and finish before 9:30 PM. The classes have a limited number of seats available and tend to fill up quickly. If you are interested or have any questions or wish to enroll in class, please send an email to: Don Janelle, Manchester Emergency Management, Djanelle@manchesterct.gov