Road Race Advisories

Description: For details on Emergency Warming Locations, Safety Precautions, and General information visit www.manchesterroadrace.com

All unattended property is subject to seizure/destruction and all bags/backpacks are subject to search.
There will be no parking allowed on East Center St. from Lenox St to Center St. during the overnight period of Wed. Nov. 21 through 1:00pm on Thurs. Nov. 22; vehicles will be towed if necessary.

Main St. will be closed to traffic between Bissell St. and Maple St. from 5:00am until 7:00am to allow the construction crews to erect the fencing and ropes along the roadway. At 6:00am Main St. will be closed from Center St. to Charter Oak St. until the conclusion of the race. At 8:45am I-384 Exit ramps at East and West bound Exit 3 will be closed. At 9:00 am the entire race route will be closed to vehicular traffic. After the tail car of the race passes, roads will be opened up behind it. However, Main St. will continue to stay closed from Center St. to Charter Oak St until race cleanup is completed around 1:00pm.

BUS SHUTTLES will be running and schedule is available online www.manchesterroadrace.com
Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Repeat Type: ,Inclusion Dates=11/22/2018
Priority: 5-Medium
Access: Public
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Updated: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 12:59pm EST