February 17, 2019    -    February 23, 2019 (Week 08)
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Sun, Feb 17

Mon, Feb 18

Tue, Feb 19

Wed, Feb 20

Thu, Feb 21

Fri, Feb 22

Sat, Feb 23

    * Holidays Observed By The Town of Manchester
* Libraries Closed for Holiday
7:00am         7:00am» BLOOD MOBILE Manchester
7:30am» Redevelopment Agency Meeting
9:00am     9:00am» Mobile Food Share
9:00am» Professional Development Resources in CT
  9:00am» Manchester’s Early Childhood Fair

10:30am» African & African-American Stories
10:00am     10:00am» Heart Health Program
12:00pm 12:00pm» MCC Hall of Fame Brunch
  12:10pm» TED TALK Tuesday ; Creating Opportunities
2:00pm             2:00pm» Cheney Cinema Saturday
6:00pm     6:00pm» Family Game Night
6:00pm» Manchester Youth Commission Meeting

7:00pm» Conservation Commission Meeting
6:00pm» The Manchester Latino Affairs Council
6:30pm» Cardiovascular Health
6:30pm» Green Manor Block Watch
6:00pm» Advisory Board of Health Meeting
6:00pm» Advisory Recreation & Park Commission Meeting
6:30pm» African American and Black Affairs Council Meeting

7:00pm» Compassionate Friends Meeting
7:00pm» Land Trust Board of Directors Meetings
7:00pm» NAMI Friends & Family Support
7:00pm     7:00pm» Planning & Zoning Commission Schedule 2019-2020
7:00pm» Manchester in the Movies