July 14, 2019    -    July 20, 2019 (Week 29)
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Sun, Jul 14

Mon, Jul 15

Tue, Jul 16

Wed, Jul 17

Thu, Jul 18

Fri, Jul 19

Sat, Jul 20

  * Manchester Sentinels Pop Warner- Football & Cheer
* Manchester Resident Days (at Manchester Country Club)
* Curious Kids
* Tremendous Tuesday Family Program
* Crafts for Kids
* Curious Kids
* 22nd Annual Earl Yost Tennis Classic
* Little Library Ribbon Cutting Events
* Crafts for Kids
* Friday Nights at Charter Oak Park
7:00am         7:30am» Redevelopment Agency Meeting
8:00am             8:00am» Manchester Farmers Market
9:00am     9:30am» Mother Goose Storytime -Tuesdays
10:00am         10:30am» Building Space Models -Thursdays
10:30am» Building Space Models -Thursdays
11:00am   11:30am» Outdoor Picnic Storytime
  11:30am» Outdoor Picnic Storytime
1:00pm 1:00pm» Cheney Homestead Open House
    1:00pm» Food Share
2:00pm           2:00pm» Library Event for Adults
4:00pm       4:30pm» Spruce Street Farmers Market

6:00pm» Rec On The Run
6:00pm» The Manchester Latino Affairs Council
6:00pm» UFO's In Connecticut
6:30pm» Green Manor Block Watch

7:00pm» Summer Concert at the Band Shell
5:00pm       5:30pm» Cheney Brothers National Historic District Commission
6:00pm   6:00pm» Rec On The Run

7:00pm» Planning & Zoning Commission Schedule 2019-2020
7:00pm» Summer Concert at the Band Shell
6:00pm» Rec On The Run
6:00pm» Nature Explorers in the Park
6:00pm» Rec On The Run
6:30pm» African American and Black Affairs Council Meeting

7:00pm» Compassionate Friends Meeting
7:00pm» NAMI Friends & Family Support
7:00pm   7:00pm» Summer Concert at the Band Shell

8:00pm» Moon-Lit Yoga in the Park